Extreme Minimalism

She was born rebellious. Came out fighting the simple fact that the doctor was unfair…It could have been a kinder welcoming. She found herself wondering what all the fuss was about growing up. By the time she was 25 years old, she already figured out that the man is not a simple man and is very hard to work for. So, she quit her job in one intuitive, self-preserving, spontaneous leap,  made a small flyer by hand and began posting it all over Portland. It was a simple life and the rewards were gratifying.

Being with new families and reminding them to slow down, get in bed together and cherish this time. She did their dishes and created an altar of their home so that all they had to do was BE Together. Family Togetherness.   Ahhh the relief of extreme minimalism.

She sold her little truck and bought a good mountain bike.  If a client was outside the city limits, an hour on the bus most definitely helped her stay focused on the simplicity of being, not doing.

It was a longing. A desire to have one small grocery bag a month for the land fill. There was a year in the beginning when bon fires were a usual occurrence.   The high school and college degrees, the meaningless journals of words and more words without resolve, the files and files of insurance bills paid, electric and water…why all this fuss????  She turned off the city electricity and used candles at night. She covered all the mirrors with beautiful cloth, to remind herself that the refection she wanted to see was from the inside. She planted flowers as if the world depended on it.  The adventure became a lifestyle, and a passionate one at that.

When her own babies came, the longing was insatiable. Being in love with an African music, studying and literally practicing the joys of tribal living, generations old , she found that extreme minimalism was the perfect solution to growing the kids into a world that values personal relationship first. She chose to give it all away, live without money and live for her heart and what moved her heart.  Music, unschooling the kids and creating village in America.  This was her devotion,  her heart song.   A steaming fire inside that pulled and longed to express itself.

On and on it has gone for her.  The fuss?  Pretty much gone, but the swimming against the river and her own demons have made a tired woman. Living in chosen poverty has created a habit of poverty consciousness. Many misunderstood her motivation, making up their own untold stories.  Some did not want to understand.   Beginning from a revolutionary thought,  it is now an old habit that will die only when she has full filled the vision of living like most women in this world.  Very little material wealth yet surrounded by the richness of family.  Looking back at such a faithfilled and sometimes isolated lifestlye, she is now able to experience a truth;   To create village in America…there has to be the willing people…and to have the village become a reality, the people have to have a similar devotion to change, but first we need the people.  People who are willing to face their own demons inside and very importantly, have the guts to witness the ugly head of a loved ones demons .  Witnessing without judgement, so that the demon takes its own place at the table of healing.  It is a lonely path in a world of individualism as god.

She wouldn’t exchange the loneliness of living in tribal mentality without the continuum of generations behind her, supporting her.  She knows now the sacrifices made along the way, paving the road for many after her.  She can still say, yes.  She would do it all again.  For the results of tribal mentality are paying off.  The reflection outside her own mind is showing signs of WE and less of I.

Time heals everything, she says now.  Sit still a while and have some conversation with me, we are on the road to healing a whole planet, by healing ourSelves.  This will take some time needed to do a thorough healing.  One that just may change the very molecular structure of a microcosm.  Extreme minimalism.  She speaks quietly now, the storm has passed and all that is left is a trail of action behind her and a few more folks sitting round the fire, laughing at the wild paths we take…to remember truth.  Give thanks and praises for every moment we are here to experience the richness of human relationship.  Give thanks and praises every moment,  for every “sacrifice” and every “mistake” along the path…for something gorgeous and miraculous is sitting here in this circle.  A way of thinking that just may change the very essence of living on this planet at this time.  Give thanks and praises, she says with her laughing eyes…there is no other way through.


About Mikaela kate

Raised middle in a dancing circle of seven children. Grew up in a middle class Irish Catholic environment and have been ever so rebellious since. My rebel skills include being a truely practicing lover of no conditions, especially with the young folks and a wide open heart that seems to attract magic in very adventurous ways. Im also rather fiesty for justice, and with age some discipline. I reveal MySelf for MySelf. Welcome and Merry Meet!
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9 Responses to Extreme Minimalism

  1. My dear sister,
    Your writing is such a gift to everyone. I will be right here by your side, cant wait to follow your life and all that surrounds you. I love you, Molly


  2. Mikaela kate says:

    you are the root of my inspiration dear Mol


  3. Thankyou dear Mikaela! This reminds me and reassures me that we are not alone on our way and through. Thankyou for the reminders the love the sharing the courage the light the acceptance the inspiration the courage the story here as it unfolds…that we need each other and can unfold amidst our demons and divinations…


    • Mikaela kate says:

      yes, to remind and assure. more more more of this. There are people in the world called praise singers and all they do is run around singing peoples praises. actually, in Southern Africa, the praise singers usually follow a more prestigious person singing praises of that person. but I have changed the thought in my mind and consider myself a praise singer…tho I praise all people I can… as you do DonnaOdonna


      • How gorgeous! Praise Singers! This is new for me. Never heard it in this way. Lovin the share of cultural traditions and how we can make it meaningful place to place and song to song. Thankyou again Mikaela! Songwing that you are ❤


  4. tarirohope says:

    I feel the same… we need the people to make the village work… can’t have a village with no people. Have you ever thought about going to live in a radical ecovillage where people would share your dreams and philosophy? Such as http://www.dancingrabbit.org/ I know your dream is to have that community form on YOUR land… so maybe the idea of moving is just not appealing. But, remember there are other, people-filled possibilities elsewhere. I also have that dream… to start “Mbira Village” and all live there and play all the time!


    • Mikaela kate says:

      Jennifer! Thank you for your thoughts and wisdom. you know, when I met you that was my life, my obsession and why the Zimbabwean music and culture took a hold of me. I was deeply immersed in the study of utopian villages…. but my love of the doula work in Portland just kept me working in the city and creating community around mothers and babies… I no longer have a dream for the land…. tho for four years I let go of dreaming altogether, which is a very healthy part of the big picture…considering I was born to dream… I would be honored to live in a village with you Jennifer… a lovely seed for thought… I will continue letting my thoughts go there…


  5. william says:

    I am new to your blog. However, I have never read anything like this before. You have showed me the different side of minimalism. I love the way you focus on the simplicity of human touch.


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