Dear Love,

Dear Love,

Please show me every little step I must take to abide in you.  show me the way,                   the way of ME,   this authentic human with potential.

Wipe away all the fears, only leaving confidence and Kategrace behind.

Show me the NOW.  Let me see, I give my eyes to you LOVE.  This very moment, I ask you to make me your voice, your hands, your day.

Your way is my way

The suffering is a mask for the injustice to win.  Teach me the value of my own true authenticity NOW…for in being me, truly me, the suffering will be used like an acequia running towards the garden, contained with a steady flow towards goodness.

Bless me this day, show me my own kindness.  I am more ready than ever before. 

In confusion and renewed faith,



About Mikaela kate

Raised middle in a dancing circle of seven children. Grew up in a middle class Irish Catholic environment and have been ever so rebellious since. My rebel skills include being a truely practicing lover of no conditions, especially with the young folks and a wide open heart that seems to attract magic in very adventurous ways. Im also rather fiesty for justice, and with age some discipline. I reveal MySelf for MySelf. Welcome and Merry Meet!
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