Injustice is a crazymaker

Injustice is a crazymaker

It is socially acceptable yes, to manipulate with authority

to scapegoat the innocent, to feel more power,  more in control

It is socially unacceptable to finally bust out in exasperation

at the injustice

the horrid violent death of innocence.

Somehow it is a silent rule that we take it without resistence

It is a miracle to come out the other end sane enough just to know

its not my fault

say it

its not my fault

and truth be told,

Its nobodys fault

and finally,  after a life time of fighting the its your fault demons

I am for a moment


I see, in this moment, more clearly the right choices to more positive outcomes and ways in which i can act them out successfully.  I do not need to judge, or change and become something different

I get to be ME NOW….all of me

if only for a glimpse, a seed in the spring

could it be that i am visionary?

and that i see what will happen if we dont join together and

one by one

taking that moment of leadership, just our 8230_1218882322763_1633024_n(1)moment, no body elses

to walk the path of authenticity

doing as individuals

what we are driven to do

for the whole



About Mikaela kate

Raised middle in a dancing circle of seven children. Grew up in a middle class Irish Catholic environment and have been ever so rebellious since. My rebel skills include being a truely practicing lover of no conditions, especially with the young folks and a wide open heart that seems to attract magic in very adventurous ways. Im also rather fiesty for justice, and with age some discipline. I reveal MySelf for MySelf. Welcome and Merry Meet!
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