Love is all you need By Quianna Joy Swing a daughters perspective

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In my childhood, My mothers strong emotions and my desire for rebellion made it difficult to get along. It took a few years of being apart to realize how much she truly means to me. She has always been unable to fall asleep angry, which caused many long nights figuring our problems out. Her caring, loving personality has everything to do with how she grew up, her thoughts, who she is, and how she relates to me and everyone around her.


Mikaela Kate Hennessey grew up in Mill Valley, California. Being the middle child of three sisters and three brothers, she learned how to to share and take care of others. For the most part she lived in the old fire station with her mother and on the weekends she would stay on her father’s sailboat off the San Francisco Bay. When she was in her twenties she became a Doula ( someone who helps a new mother before and after her pregnancy, acting as a midwife and making the transition into motherhood as easy as possible for the new mother.) She lived in Portland, Oregon and stayed there until she followed my father to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As she was growing up, she developed a keen sense for other’s emotions. For example, when her brothers and sisters would fight she would almost have to leave the room because she felt more than just her own emotions. Without knowing it, she could walk into a room and feel the emotions of other people. She may have not been able to map out who felt what, but she had a good sense of the surrounding emotions. Because of her empathic ability she would strive to make everyone around her joyful in order to feel true happiness.

Finding Mikaela would prove difficult if you did not know her, she does not have a phone and refuses to register her car or get a drivers license.There are only five places where you could find Mikaela; On her land, at my house, at her boyfriends RV, or walking along the arroyos in Cerrillos. Once you are a part of my mothers heart, you will never be lost. She cares for the sad and sad while  bringing joy and rest wherever she goes. Some call her the “voodoo mountain queen” and if you ask anyone who knows her they will tell you she is the good witch at the end of the old dirt road who will help you solve your problems and give you a place of rest. My Mother has been there for me through everything in my life. 192881_10152086402945623_929824806_o

When i ran away to Colorado, she called me every day to see that i was happy. When i moved back in with my Father she was there to comfort me when i was feeling bad. When i was sent to rehab she was there to pick me up. When my Father kicked me out she was there to bring me home. And now that i have my own place she is always there to feed me, clean for me, garden for me and be there for me, that is, whenever i can get her to come into Santa Fe. Mikaela has been through Hell and back again; Heaven won’t take her and Earth has no permanent place for her. This woman has so many life stories, that she could be the next great wise woman, the next Socrates. Though she is limited in resources, she is rich in character and colorful with personality. She always has nice things to say, even if she is talking negatively. Although she may not be here for very long, she will always be in my heart forever.


About Mikaela kate

Raised middle in a dancing circle of seven children. Grew up in a middle class Irish Catholic environment and have been ever so rebellious since. My rebel skills include being a truely practicing lover of no conditions, especially with the young folks and a wide open heart that seems to attract magic in very adventurous ways. Im also rather fiesty for justice, and with age some discipline. I reveal MySelf for MySelf. Welcome and Merry Meet!
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4 Responses to Love is all you need By Quianna Joy Swing a daughters perspective

  1. Jane says:

    This comment is not related to this particular post but I just wanted to tell you Mikaela—there is someone you must absolutely meet–(for that matter there are tons of people,because you seem to get on so well with everyone!)
    I think you would connect so well with this particular person.Her name is Michelle Gregor,a well known sculptor from the Bay Area,she grew up in Tahoe.A super creative artist, she has that wild rebel soul just like you,I think you will immediately recognize a kindred spirit!
    Check out her website and her Pinterest,she has some great stuff on there.
    Anyway I think you two would really click,I hope you can meet her someday.

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    • Mikaela kate says:

      thank you Jane for recognizing me and then seeing me another…. will you introduce us? I just looked for you (for I don’t know which jane you are!) and couldn’t find a way to you…. still looking.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. treothe says:

    Beautiful words Quianna… Thank you…

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