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Raised middle in a dancing circle of seven children. Grew up in a middle class Irish Catholic environment and have been ever so rebellious since. My rebel skills include being a truely practicing lover of no conditions, especially with the young folks and a wide open heart that seems to attract magic in very adventurous ways. Im also rather fiesty for justice, and with age some discipline. I reveal MySelf for MySelf. Welcome and Merry Meet!

Introducing Mikaela Kate: Seamstress and Doll Maker!

Originally posted on From Goats To Soaps:
Today we wanted to tell you about another talented crafter.  Mikaela Kate has been hand-stitching for years.  Not only does she sew practical items from which she earns her living but she also…

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livin on the edge of a cliff

As days go by and the survivals of winter shape and create my days, I don’t have the time for a daily blog.  This winter is being bipolar.  Im for once thankful for spring in winter, which to me feels … Continue reading

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storytelling at its finest

“January 8-15: A time of sorting and deciding, refining and adjusting. Much has been activated, much has been deactivated, and much is in the process of gathering the right ingredients. This is a time to get help, ask for support … Continue reading

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New Beginnings, a process

A few friends have encouraged me to blog while I go through this transition from Mother to Crone, from the land to a home on wheels, from me to more me.  So I begin today and hope that I find … Continue reading

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A world without money

The truth is, Ive been living with out money.  For a long time I was able to hide behind being a wife in an alternative family lifestyle…. but all along, I knew,  my husband knew, that I preferred to live … Continue reading

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Love is all you need By Quianna Joy Swing a daughters perspective

  In my childhood, My mothers strong emotions and my desire for rebellion made it difficult to get along. It took a few years of being apart to realize how much she truly means to me. She has always been … Continue reading

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Conversation without eyes or mouths

Dear Friend who knew me before and now knows me again. You have come into my life when all my dreams are on the plank and Im deciding to NOT go down with the ship…. it doesn’t matter what my … Continue reading

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