Extreme Minimalism

Extreme Minimalism.

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by Bridget Crow

Bridget Crow has a real handle on some old traditions and her model, Jennifer Plumridge truly shows off my hand stitched scarf for Ambatalia for a non-disposable life.  Enjoy!

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Adorning dolls

I take great care in selecting the adornment for my Heirloom Dolls.  Much of the time, lovely little treasures come my way just in time for her coming out party.  In fact, I hardly ever buy new adornment, except when i sell a doll at Beadweavers in Santa Fe, then, I delightfully spend a certain percentage on their gorgeous selection, depending on how much food is in my cupboard…


I have a little box of these collected treasures.   The process so sacredly simple, i watch and wait for the right signs.  Symbols in animals, totems, rocks, herbs and so much more brings meaning and hope to life.  I am stirring Her cauldron of inspiration when the dolls body and basic quilting has been hand stitched together and stuffed with organic leftovers from another project and herbs of meaning.  She walks with Lavender in her feet to remind you walk your talk, Rosebuds in her heart showing off what real love looks like in your life and mugwort in her head for healing the dream world.  She turns inside and out and begins to speak.  she calls to me for adornment. I sit her somewhere in my home to watch and wait for her to tell me who she is.


Sometimes she wont let me do anything else, like my young children who have just found a song or a grasshopper for the first time.  She sings and jumps up and down for the next stitch…the color of her eyes, or the beads around her belly.  she tells me through my own experiences while creating her, how to positize all that comes to me.    I enjoy the study of symbology, even tho short term memory is not my greatest quality….to remember through the feeling of something, makes me remember how we are all very brilliant in the variety of ways we take in meaning.  Etsy is such a fun place for me.  The video game for creative moms!  I find like mindedness EVERYWHERE and the kind of support one would find in a little village she creates just because.  Here is a treasury dream list of adornments for my dolls i just put together from Etsy… can you imagine who will be wearing such glorious treasures?


Dolls have this uncanny way of speaking to us.  Specially those of us who listen to the magical.  To sit quietly, stitching, somedays for hours, is so nourishing to my own soul. After years of devotion to passionate family life, and now the nest is flown, all is quiet.  Sometimes,  I can hear so clearly that still voice telling me how to evolve a dolls personality through my own life experience.  If my experience is painful or full of adversity and lessons, i have so much fun (when i am through releasing anything that comes up and out) watching as positivity expresses herself through examining my own experience and then turning it into a positive trait for the doll.

Byron Katie has been instrumental in showing me how to get my story straight.


Im so thankful for the art of storytelling and the action of telling mystory, consciously.  The Heirloom Doll is a gift to me and then a gift to you…..the unfolding of humanity.


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Jennifer! Drowning in Beauty, Devoted to love Mikaela! Stitcher of Prayers, Out to funktify the world Together, Passion

Jennifer! Drowning in Beauty, Devoted to love                   Mikaela!  Sewer of Prayers, Out to funktify the world                 Together, Passion

Jennifer Esperanza featured my life and my work in her blog. The woman is a genius in capturing pure essence and spilling it out for the world to see. Im delighted to be seen so clearly with so much love. Thank you Jennifer.


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A shout out for Unconditional Love

Reunite by Mikaela Kate
Reunite, a photo by Mikaela Kate on Flickr.

Its a choice to be Grateful

Its like Divine Intervention,
Loving my children as a lifestyle

I seek a teacher all my life that fits me and here come these Guru’s right to my doorstep. Blessed be, bringing friends even!

My mind is blown,
the miracles showed up right here
in my own womb
my heart is yeah baby, even bigger

Give thanks and praises for the living practice of Unconditional Love

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A letter to the passive aggressive…


This is my life letter to those of whom I have spent years, life times, trying to appease.  Im so sorry many of you wont be reading this because you don’t even know who you are or what you do.  It is a busy job blaming others.  Passive aggressive behavior is a socially accepted form of abuse in our culture.  It is a perfect vampire technique cut out particularly for the innocent.  After years of subtly being torn from Self by these smiling, strategically thinking folks who talk us into submission with their many words and incredible willingness to manipulate through shame and blame, we the “naïve”, finally break down, finding ourselves crazymaked.  The self esteem is tattered and the nervous system blows.

It has been a lifetime of confusion…always taking responsibility for MY part, always walking the extra mile and finding that place in me that is in service to you…. and finding myself over and over again, lonely to my self in the long run.

Now this form of behavior, “going crazy” is socially unacceptable and eventually kills hope when equality through compassion doesn’t show up.  Being One who is part of the socially unacceptable crowd, I would like to say that after a life time of apologies for my emotional breakdowns, after the self esteem has been raped and pillaged,  there is no longer a sorry for your lack of love or unwillingness to sit at the round table with me.  I am no longer crazy (in fact I never was), maybe to you…but to me, I am responsible, loving person who has finally climbed out of the hell hole created for me so you can feel all powerful. I AM my own quiet force now.  You know,  Ive been building it all along, stone by stone.    You no longer have a strangle hold.  This may even piss you off further, but to me all I can do is  GIVE THANKS for the new freedom I have created in me and for me.  Im no longer in need of your services to make me strong.  I GOT THIS MYSELF,  Thank you very much.

In respect for the bigger healed picture  and a desire to find the balance,


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