Who Am I?  A question asked as a mantra when walking or cleaning or sewing.  always with a relieved response..I AM.  The kids are making their own choices these days.   We come together because we want to, because our love is unconditional.  because we are tribe from the core.

We spent all our days and nights together at the appropriate time in life, the beginning.  Thats why the kids are already running free. . My kids were blessed that way.   Life changed considerably about 4 years ago when dad made a self preserving change in his life…away from our vision, our life together.  I no longer have vision, not even a dream.  I just have me and my 52 years of coming to this place of ME.  what i call MyGod place.

I am free

Time is different now.  much more still.  much more alone.  not lonely.  you know, Ive never felt lonely.  just fuller with silence now…or the music i find in my ears.  or the echoes of the mountains i am engulfed by.  The disillusionment doesnt crazy make me anymore…just makes me sad…no biggie

and i have something to say.  my sister always told me i was a writer, but i was always too busy living.  Its time. so, now with my acceptance of appropriate technology and friends of like mind all over the world.  I begin my writing.  thank you for  joining me in my explorations, my rebelliousness and the joy in being authentic.  much love






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